Saturday, March 28, 2009


When we thought Cuteworm (CW) was coming clean, another incident happened.
Do you remember a period of time when CW started using a timer and started spamming about his website having the latest 1.23a Warcraft III patch?
Yeah, that's when the incident started.

Apparently, various Zion users have fell victim to the patch scam.
So to the best of my knowledge, here's what I think happens when you use his patches.

Chain of events

  1. It installs 1.23a (The only thing good about it :( ).

  2. While it does that, the installer supposedly installs/overrides/adds components to the host system file. More information about that file go to

  3. You will then experience the following:

    • Unable to go to sites like:,,,

    • You'll be unable to get into Zion or #Zinc

  4. Congratulations, you've gotten CW's "virus"! :(

This "virus" is more like just altering certain important files. Antiviruses (AV) don't detect the problem since it doesn't do anything malicious to the actual computer itself. AV usually detects viruses that try to alter system files so that it can infect other computers and other various reasons.

In CW's case, however, it is just an installer changing a file. It being the hosts file, it actually stops you from connecting to the various websites entered inside. So technically, your own computer is doing all the work and there is actually no virus at all. This is the reason why it isn't tagged as a virus but just your everyday installer. Wicked huh?

So anyway, don't fret if you've patched using his patcher. Here are the solutions/discussions!
Forgive the vulgarities. The guy is really furious LOL.

I hoped they help.
Anyway, just to let you know that you can't actually download the patch as of now since it looks like Cuteworm just made his site totally a google ad. Maybe he's in an attempt to earn money? LOL. I mean if you got a "virus" from that site, don't you want to head there immediately? Google adsense + rush to site = instant ca$h!

If you need help for a friend (cause if you're infected, you obviously can't come to this site) and you don't understand the solutions, comment this post. Please for god sake, don't comment without reading.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Playing DotA turned easier.

With the help of the new service, DotaPOD!

Wait, what's DotaPod and how to use it?
Huh? Sorry, I forgot you didn't know.
Okay so here's what DotaPod is. It's a like service where we show games and you have the choice to join the games via our LAN emulation. So that's pretty much how it works and how you play DotA or any Warcraft III related games.

Oh okay, another wannabe.
Oh that's where you get it ALL WRONG. We don't wanna be another wannabe. It's different. In fact, it's even better.

Here's why.

  1. The only things you need to allow traffic in your firewall is your browser (which I bet is definitely allowed before you came to this blog) and Java.

  2. There is no need for CD keys to play which makes it easier. No misunderstandings of misplaced CD keys and other problems.

  3. It runs on your browser so technically, there isn't any installation needed. (Except maybe for a browser?)

  4. The only requirement is usually on your system since Java is needed every where.

  5. It works great with both Mac OS and Windows, making it a cross platform service.

So why wait? Come on and try it now! :)

Something new everyday.

Okay so this will be a short one. Anyway, remember you wanna tell your friend about a game in DotaPod?
Now you can with a URL function we just put in.
Click on this image

and you can copy the URL instantly. It's that simple.

Also, sprion has told me of a new developer interested in DPGS. I haven't met him yet but I'm sure I'll be blogging about that development as well.

So, that's about it for today. Good night! :D

What a day.

Various things were worked out today. (I can tell you sprion is tired as ever.)
You know, you remember, when you and your brother are playing dota at home and you joined a game in Zion. You can't see each other's chat but just didn't care.
Today, we fixed all that and fitted it into DotaPod.

DotaPod also had an issue with same LAN users being unable to join. We fixed that today too.
Credits to SlimShady and his brother for helping us test it out. It proved successful. (sprion was literally jumping for joy when he saw it!)

A new feature fitted into DotaPod is the internal port randomization. I know the terms are hard to swallow so I'm just gonna explain what's its purpose. It's a joining feature which can join any game with any port.
This makes DPGS users like me be able to host an inhouse game and still let people join my DPGS games. Isn't that crazy?!

The internal port randomization also fixed the LAN chatting issue. Also, no need for restarting Warcraft after hosting or after a game, since the ports are randomized! Cool? Yeah!

DPGS will also be modified so that it'll show the URL of the DPGS game so that it'll be easier to spread and make more games available for all!

And we did all of this, TODAY. That's how fast we're moving!

DotaPod will be the next big thing!

Hey! Where have you been?

Oops. Like I said, duty calls.
Anyway, it's been a busy week ahead. With my exams coming up, I still took time to help sprion test dotapod, ain't I an angel? (And sprion still owes me Pasta Mania!)

velvet, could you just get to the main content?
Okay, okay. I hear you already. Alright so the progress.
By order of release.

  1. Now your username = default IGN.

  2. You can change but it just makes identification so much easier!
  3. Guest can use dotapod. But with the name

  4. DotaPod Game Server is released! (I'll explain later)

So yeah, that has been the happenings on the development side.
A lot has been happening but I'll get on to the DPGS introduction.

Okay, what is this DotaPod Game Server (DPGS)?
It's basically a bot. A bot that creates games.
First, I need to clear the misconception that the server is hosting it.
It's actually hosters. People like me, who port forwarded.
Oh, then why can't you just create normally?
DPGS doesn't need my Warcraft to be open and I don't need to be physically present in game.
It can host simultaneous games as well. So if game 1 starts, game 2 will be created.
It'll stop the lack of games Zion/DotaPod has!
Woah, any other features?
Not much is known yet, but they even know load times and etc.
They also collect statistics of the match which is really cool!

Alright, enough of DPGS. You must be wondering, "erm, which part of the testing schedule is DotaPod at?" To tell you the truth, I have no idea as well. Things turned a little messy. But my guess, we're in BETA stage. Closed or open, not really sure.

Future sights?
This is a possibility but it may not happen.
It's been talked over between sprion and me that would be something like our basis and main focus. In addition, I've been pestering sprion about having a standalone. So we kinda had this whole idea.
We might be bringing the old Zion back BUT it's now a standalone of dotapod. It won't be as quick as dotapod though since dotapod would be our main focus. Fans of dotapod can use the standalone at ease.
Oh and it isn't really a standalone, it's just an upgraded Zion. :)

So yeah, we bring in the new and upgrade the old. Sounds good?
As of now, I guess we need as much beta testers as possible. To fine tune the whole system.
There will be ideas springing out from the developers and admins about the future of the system and how it can beat Garena, ahem, I mean other game emulations.

Anyway, that's all for now. You'll see more real soon!

A milestone reached.

Sorry for not updating. You know the usual. Exams.

Anyway, the past few days we've covered loads of ground on the development side.
Kudos to sprion. So here's the sequence of events that took place.

14/2/2009 - 15/2/2009
sprion starts coding DotaPOD's Lan Emulation in Java.

sprion finishes raw coding. Success!. Just needed it to be faster and less abrupt.

sprion fixed the speed issues and we tested.
It was really fast. Just like Zion or maybe even faster.

Placed in features to detect host/user disconnection. (Not sure what to do with it. Maybe pop related?)

Now, if host disconnects, game will still resume. We did tests and extra coding effort on sprion's side.

Managed to port Lan Emulation to browser and server.
After that? Don't ask me. I was sleeping. LOL. It was 3AM? So yeah.

Tested and debugged various parts for leaving and disconnecting. (sprion owes me a feast at PastaMania!)

Yay! We're in alpha testing phase!
Now, dotapod can join games and play them with ease of your browser!

At that same time, server was cocking up. sprion was wetting his pants as he saw his creation fail to start up. And yes, literally wetting his pants.

Added IRC widget to the page. You guys said Zion is all about chatting and today we bring the same experience to you.

Had a discussion about joining methods to use. A very good one. And we finalized how the future UI would look like. Or more like the basis of the UI. It'll be great! :)

What else did you want? We can't be working our asses off all day you know!
Anyway, if you need help for joining games, I'll be doing a post on that maybe in the next few days.

As for now, need to catch up on some sleep that exams and testing (Thanks, sprion. You owe me a feast at PastaMania!).

And yes, you can consider this a development milestone! With the basic feature in place, we can show you how dotapod will work. Next post, a post for all alpha testers! :D

What? More?

Yes. More development. Don't take it so badly! It means we're pulling our brains out finding ways to improve dotapod!

So today, we'll be talking about Lan Emulation technologies.
For browsers, we've got 3 types. So here's the 3.

  1. Pure PHP Proxying

  2. Pure PHP Packet Spoofing

  3. Java

So let me just cut the chase and get to the pros and cons of each techonology.


  1. Pure PHP Proxying

    • Privacy of your IP address

    • We can get game statistics and info

  2. Pure PHP Packet Spoofing

    • No lag at all

    • Low cost, Server is only needed as a mediator between the 2 players

    • Low technical requirements and is very stable and programmers love it

  3. Java

  4. All the above. :)


  1. Pure PHP Proxying

    • Much more bandwidth required

    • Increased lag

    • No games when server is down

    • Very unstable

  2. Pure PHP Packet Spoofing

    • Unable to collect game statistics

    • Troublesome, Users must be at Warcraft's LAN area to connect

  3. Java

  4. You'll just have to have Java

So, velvet, what's your take on this?

Right, you want my opinion. If I'm to choose from the 3, I'll take Java. I'm looking at it in a technical view.
The pros definitely outweighs the only con. With the 2 options of Pure PHP, we excel in one area but totally neglect the other areas while Java does well for all areas.
The only con would be the Java requirement, but, hey! Don't all computers usually have Java? Another one up! :)

But as of now, Java really needs a lot of research and it'll probably take some time for it to be finalized.
It's been discussed and we've come to the conclusion that during the closed beta and probably open beta, where we'll use the Packet Spoofing method so that you guys can have a quick game. During this period of time, we'll be researching and fine tuning Java.
Once finalized and tried within the admins, we'll release it in the open beta stage.
After all bugs have been debugged, here comes the final installation! The stable release!

That's probably the schedule for the technology we'll be using for the LAN emulation for dotapod!
And don't worry. I'll be siding Java all the way. And sprion knows it! :)

The gaming scene has certainly changed!